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About us

Our vision

A revolutionary approach to healthcare

We're a team of human resources professionals and employee benefits consultants driven by a common goal:

Provide better healthcare and create healthier communities.

We have been battling the spiraling costs and glaring inefficiencies that lie within the current healthcare system. Together, we have forged a new healthcare solution. One that not only results in improved costs and processes, but in better care for those who need it.

Tired of yearly rate increases, spreadsheets, and annual renewals?

So were we. That's why we created a whole new system.

The Why

Spiraling costs and glaring inefficiencies are clear signs of a broken healthcare system. Many fully insured employers are stuck with high rate increases due to lack of data, lack of creativity, and a lack of options. Spreadsheets and the status quo aren’t the answer. You need something different.

The How

At InCare, we remove these healthcare roadblocks, allowing you to move forward on the path toward better healthcare with a lower spend. And because we’re focused on people and health as opposed to spreadsheets and products, we can provide you with new and innovative options for your benefits plan.

The What

We’ve built a completely new healthcare solution. Working directly with employers, we take a proactive approach to care management, identifying chronically ill patients and getting them the care they need. Our innovative processes result in reduced costs, and better care for those who need it.

How does InCare reduce healthcare costs?

By partnering directly with organizations who are just as committed to our goal of better care and healthier communities. We also educate employers and employees on how to make the most of their employee benefit programs, empowering them to improve their health and become better consumers of healthcare.

Direct Facility Contracting

Direct contracting with physicians builds solid healthcare relationships, resulting in personalized, comprehensive care for every patient.

Prescription Savings

Working with Pharmacy Benefit Managers allows us to cut out the excess costs caused by misaligned pharmacy profit incentives.

Dedicated Insurance and TPA partners

We’ve built relationships with partners that have taken the time to understand the value of the InCare system and reflect that value in their pricing.

Employee Education

We make sure employers and employees understand their benefits and how to use them, allowing them to be better consumers of care.

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