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What we offer

Healthcare that makes sense

Many fully insured employers are stuck with high rate increases due to a lack of data, a lack of creativity, and a lack of options. At InCare, we remove these healthcare roadblocks, allowing you to provide better healthcare with a lower spend.
Our proactive approach to care management results in a healthier workforce and reduced costs. And because we’re focused on people and health as opposed to spreadsheets and renewals, we offer you new and innovative options for your benefits plan.
We can help you take care of your health, your employees, and your business.

What it looks like

Our process is revolutionary, but it’s also employer friendly.
You’re only steps away from a better healthcare solution. Let us take you there.
RFP & Medical Applications
We start with data, which we use to conduct a thorough stop loss review.
Stop Loss Assessment
Working closely with our stop loss partners, we identify any potential issues.
Medical Evaluations
Qualified nurses review individual cases for additional stop loss assessment.
Solution proposal
Now present final benefits plan rates, details, strategies, and advantages.
Group approval
You’re on your way! Case implementation begins and enrollments are scheduled.
Benefits enrollment
InCare manages employee eligibility and enrollment processes. So easy!

Solutions we offer

A cohesive system of partnerships that allows us to shrink healthcare costs and improve the quality of care received. Finally! Employers can save money while increasing employee health and satisfaction. Here's how we do it:

Value-Based Care

Integration with quality hospitals, physicians, urgent and virtual care provides an enhanced healthcare experience and better medical outcomes.

Billing and Administration

Medical billing can be extremely complicated and frustrating. With InCare, employers receive a single source bill with all of their benefits.

Onboarding and Enrollment

Our technology systems integrate with payroll providers for a seamless administration of benefits, making your benefit processes easier and more accurate.

Pharmacy Solutions

Working with non-profit Pharmacy Benefit Managers allows us to cut out the excess costs caused by misaligned pharmacy profit incentives.

Medical Concierge

Direct contracting with physicians builds solid healthcare relationships, resulting in personalized, comprehensive care for every patient.

Health Advocacy

We make sure employers and employees understand their benefits and how to use them, allowing them to be better consumers of care.

Ancillary Benefits

Want to offer more? We have complete packages that include life, dental, vision, STD, LTD, and worksite. And they can be managed online!


With a doctor only a phone call away, patients have easy access to the care they need. This reduces unnecessary medical visits and costs.

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